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Review Of Frazer Dental In Kingscourt, Cavan

Frazer Dental is one of the top-rated oral surgeon and family dental practices in Kingscourt, County Cavan. Located just 10 minutes from Bailieborough, Frazer Dental was awarded The Irish Dentistry Award in 2016 for The Most Child-Friendly Dental Practice.

What Makes Frazer Dental Stand Out?

Frazer Dental in Kingscout, Cavan provides every dental need you can think of under one roof. These services include:

- Endodontics or root canal treatments by an in-house root canal dentist.

- Specialist orthodontist for children and adult braces.

- Specialist oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal, IV sedation, and Baby Tongue tie repair.

- Highly skilled implantologist for sinus lifts, all-on 4's, implant-retained dentures, and dental implants.

- 2 Cosmetic dentists.

- 4 Family-friendly general dentists.

- 2 Gentle children's dentists.

- Sedation dentist.

- 2 Facial aesthetic clinicians for lip filler b tox, sunekos, profhilo, and dermal fillers.

Frazer Dental uses the latest techniques to guarantee pain-free dentistry which includes an Air Polish tooth cleaning service. The practice also provides edge bonding and tooth reshaping services that don't involve damage to the existing tooth or any needles.

All the dentists and specialists at Frazer Dental understand that many people have dental phobias. This is why they have a fully trained and friendly team that is highly focused on helping their patients to overcome their fears.

The practice makes use of relaxing massage chairs, and they allow their patients to choose the music they prefer while in surgery and to also wear noise-cancelling earphones (if they wish).

Frazer Dental uses the latest technology which includes digital instant X-rays that emit minimal radiation doses and an intra-oral scanner that does away with having to perform impressions for brides and crowns. This is one of the best options for patients that are nervous or those that have problems with gagging.

The practice also offers specialist oral surgery for baby Tongue Tie repairs and consultations, apicoectomy and removal of cysts, IV sedation, and wisdom tooth extractions. The highly skilled Root Canal dentist offers a range of Re-Root Canal and Endodontics treatments.

The team of hygienists is highly focused on providing Pain-Free Tooth cleaning to each patient. This is made possible with a specialised numbing gel or spray to numb all those sensitive areas. This guarantees a comfortable and safe clean for adults and children.

How Can You Schedule An Appointment At Frazer Dental Care In Kingscourt?

To book an appointment you can complete an online form on Frazer Dental's website or call them at +353 (42) 9668929. If you have a dental emergency 'out of hours' you can also call their emergency number at +353 (87) 6201548.

What Should You Bring To Your Appointment?

Bring your medical card (if you have one), and PPS number, and let the practice know about any medications you are currently using. Frazer Dental will call you or send you a text to remind you about your appointment the day before the appointment.

What Are Frazer Dental's Opening Hours?

The dental practice is open Monday to Saturday and stays open until 9 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Are There Out-Of-Hours Services?

Yes, Frazer Dental does provide emergency dental treatments 'out-of-hours'. If you are facing a dental emergency out-of-hours, you can either send a private message on the Frazer Dental Facebook page (their Facebook page is monitored throughout the night) or call the emergency number at +353 (87) 6201548. They will try to respond to your message or call as soon as they can.

How Does Frazer Dental In Kingscourt, Cavan Ensure Pain-Free Dentistry?

Frazer Dental only uses cutting-edge techniques to ensure your visit to a dentist is as comfortable as possible. They achieve this through:

- Air Polish Cleaning

This treatment guarantees a comfortable clean without causing pain or sensitivity.

- Non-Sensitive Tooth Whitening

This treatment is available to patients that would like to whiten their teeth but struggle with sensitivity.

- Pain-Free Injections

The dentists and specialists use a specialised numbing spray before administering injections, which helps to pre-numb the area.

Frazer Dental also provides sedation for patients that have a phobia or who are extremely nervous.

Final Thoughts

For certain people, visiting a dentist is often a nerve-wracking experience. At Frazer Dental Care located in Kingscourt, Cavan, they take pride in their welcoming and friendly approach to all dental treatments. With a rating of 4.8 (from 192 reviews) on Facebook, this dental practice is backed by a solid and reliable reputation.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Frazer Dental, it is advisable to visit the website where you can browse through the image gallery to find out more about the Team, and a few of the state-of-the-art treatments available. If you would like to talk to one of the friendly team members about your dental requirements, you can call the practice or ask for a call-back. One of the team members will be glad to accommodate your enquiry.

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