101Dentist.com: Dental Guide 101Dentist.com: Dental Guide https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/ Copyright by 101Dentist.com en 101Dentist.com Mon, 08 Mar 2021 01:49:16 -0500 Can Dental Bonding Be Added to the Back of Front Teeth Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/can-dental-bonding-be-added-to-the-back-of-front-teeth-280.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/can-dental-bonding-be-added-to-the-back-of-front-teeth-280.shtml Editor Mon, 08 Mar 2021 00:15:38 -0500 Accessing Quality Dental Care in Kelowna Kelowna has over the years been experiencing a steady stream of individuals and families relocating to it from other parts of Canada and even the world. Between 2011 and 2016, it was listed among the fastest growing cities in Canada. Why are people moving to this city? Well, there are numerous reasons which we cannot begin to discuss here since that will be outside our focus in this article. If]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/accessing-quality-dental-care-in-kelowna-279.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/accessing-quality-dental-care-in-kelowna-279.shtml Editor Thu, 25 Feb 2021 23:00:22 -0500 Why are Face Shields So Important for Dentists? Have you ever been to your dentist's clinic for your teeth cleaning appointment, and you've noticed your dentists are wearing face shields over their face? While it can make you feel uncomfortable as it seems like the procedure will be intense, you should put your worries away as it's only a standard part of their attire, and they have to wear it for specific reasons.  When you visit a]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/why-are-face-shields-so-important-for-dentists-278.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/why-are-face-shields-so-important-for-dentists-278.shtml Editor Wed, 24 Feb 2021 08:09:30 -0500 Why Poor Hygiene Can Put Dental Patients at Risk Infection control is an extremely important aspect of working in a dental practice. However, it is all too often that we hear about dental infection control breaches in the media. Infection control breaches come in all shapes and sizes - some might be subtle, while others are glaringly obvious. But is this really a cause for concern? Royalty-free image Although all dental practices have their]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/why-poor-hygiene-can-put-dental-patients-at-risk-277.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/why-poor-hygiene-can-put-dental-patients-at-risk-277.shtml Editor Wed, 24 Feb 2021 08:01:15 -0500 3 Tips For Improving Your Dental Practice Running a dental practice isn’t an easy feat, and with the recent pandemic hit, lots of clinics were forced to close down due to the low influx of patients. If you’re still open today or planning to reopen your dental practice, then it’s probably time to rethink your business plan. Improve your dental practice now so you’d be able to retain existing patients, bring]]> Career Guide https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/3-tips-for-improving-your-dental-practice-276.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/3-tips-for-improving-your-dental-practice-276.shtml Editor Fri, 19 Feb 2021 07:58:47 -0500 How Dentists Can Protect Themselves During COVID The coronavirus has challenged and continues to challenge healthcare professionals as well as those who need to seek medical help. Yet the world has rapidly adapted to ensure the safety of the public and keyworkers who are continuing to perform their duties. The role of healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dentists continues to be pivotal and essential during the pandemic,]]> Career Guide https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-dentists-can-protect-themselves-during-covid-275.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-dentists-can-protect-themselves-during-covid-275.shtml Editor Wed, 17 Feb 2021 22:54:58 -0500 Understanding the Different Types of Dental Implants Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/understanding-the-different-types-of-dental-implants-274.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/understanding-the-different-types-of-dental-implants-274.shtml Editor Mon, 15 Feb 2021 23:27:46 -0500 Are Dental Implants Better Than Crowns? Pros and Cons Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/are-dental-implants-better-than-crowns-pros-and-cons-273.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/are-dental-implants-better-than-crowns-pros-and-cons-273.shtml Editor Mon, 15 Feb 2021 23:26:56 -0500 Remote Dental Billing for Emergency Needs Remote dental billing helps to streamline your efficiency. It helps to boost and enhance your performance. You do not have to follow up on debt from customers. You also do not have to keep on monitoring the insurance companies. Health insurance companies helps to keep you focused on your job. They do so by handling your customer's debts and ensuring your job efficiency. In this article, you]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/remote-dental-billing-for-emergency-needs-272.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/remote-dental-billing-for-emergency-needs-272.shtml Editor Fri, 12 Feb 2021 23:04:27 -0500 Types of Dentists and their Importance to Your Oral Health Good oral hygiene is essential to keeping your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. It also helps in your overall quality of life as well as how you appear and how self-confident you are. Asides from brushing your teeth daily and flossing, it is important that you visit a dentist from time to time. This should be at least once in 6 months even if you do not have a pressing dental issue. By visiting]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/types-of-dentists-and-their-importance-to-your-oral-health-271.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/types-of-dentists-and-their-importance-to-your-oral-health-271.shtml Editor Tue, 09 Feb 2021 23:30:35 -0500