101Dentist.com: Dental Guide 101Dentist.com: Dental Guide https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/ Copyright by 101Dentist.com en 101Dentist.com Fri, 27 Nov 2020 18:35:58 -0500 6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Your Ortho Regularly Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/6-reasons-why-you-need-to-visit-your-ortho-regularly-254.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/6-reasons-why-you-need-to-visit-your-ortho-regularly-254.shtml Editor Thu, 26 Nov 2020 02:49:10 -0500 Finding A Quality Dentist in Plantation Caring for our teeth is an important venture to undertake. Just as our eyes and every other part of the body are important, so are our teeth. Some people deliberately ignore health issues, ruling them out as just minor issues, but with the teeth which is quite sensitive, most minor cases transform to become very major cases which are complex to handle. One way we can be sure of maintaining]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/finding-a-quality-dentist-in-plantation-253.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/finding-a-quality-dentist-in-plantation-253.shtml Editor Wed, 25 Nov 2020 23:25:09 -0500 An Introduction to Mini Dental Implant Procedure What You Need to Know About Mini Dental Implants Have you lost a tooth and need to restore it? Are you hesitant to undergo a traditional implant surgery that is not only invasive but quite costly? In this case, you might want to consider getting a mini dental implant. It is a great alternative to replace lost teeth outside of conventional treatments. It is possible to restore your smile to its]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/an-introduction-to-mini-dental-implant-procedure-252.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/an-introduction-to-mini-dental-implant-procedure-252.shtml Editor Tue, 24 Nov 2020 23:01:03 -0500 The Importance of Flossing Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-importance-of-flossing-251.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-importance-of-flossing-251.shtml Editor Tue, 24 Nov 2020 04:39:26 -0500 The Impact of Ageing on Teeth Health In the era of forever 21 nobody can hold youth forever as ageing is an inescapable process. Ageing affects the whole body at certain levels but we tend to ignore the teeth health usually until we are the victim of ill fitted prosthesis. Receding of gums According to experts in elder care, the far most common problem is neglecting the periodontal health which includes our gums. Poor oral]]> Oral Health https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-impact-of-ageing-on-teeth-health-243.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-impact-of-ageing-on-teeth-health-243.shtml Editor Sun, 22 Nov 2020 08:59:39 -0500 Several Benefits of Jacksonville Dental Implants A lot of people may find that their permanent tooth needs extraction because it's damaged beyond repair. Sometimes, missing teeth can reduce one's confidence, and they may hesitate to smile. Missing spaces inside the mouth can also cause the remaining teeth to protrude or misalign. Read more about the things that you can do with a missing tooth on this page here. When you have a damaged or]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/several-benefits-of-jacksonville-dental-implants-250.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/several-benefits-of-jacksonville-dental-implants-250.shtml Editor Fri, 20 Nov 2020 07:25:26 -0500 How do Children’s Dental Clinics Make Visits Easier? Human teeth are pretty strong and durable, but they’re also subject to a lot of problems. Although a lot of people do not know this, teeth are actually homologous structures with fish that evolved from scales, and they’re not actually bone. Though most importantly, teeth are constantly exposed and at risk, along with the gums and the rest of the mouth. So proper dental care should]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-do-childrens-dental-clinics-make-visits-easier-249.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-do-childrens-dental-clinics-make-visits-easier-249.shtml Editor Fri, 13 Nov 2020 03:32:24 -0500 People Aren’t Going To The Dentist — & What That Means For The Future of Dental Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/people-arent-going-to-the-dentist-mdash-what-that-means-for-the-future-of-dental-248.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/people-arent-going-to-the-dentist-mdash-what-that-means-for-the-future-of-dental-248.shtml Editor Tue, 10 Nov 2020 22:41:41 -0500 The 6 Steps to Dental Cleanings Some might not realize it, but oral care often plays a major role in one's general health and, quite possibly, their longevity. One key component of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is to receive regular professional cleanings from an experienced dentist.  Drtraceydowntowndental.ca invites existing patients and those concerned about dental well-being to continue reading to learn six]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-6-steps-to-dental-cleanings-247.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-6-steps-to-dental-cleanings-247.shtml Editor Sat, 07 Nov 2020 07:07:27 -0500 Dispose Unwanted Medicines by Following Proper Means Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/dispose-unwanted-medicines-by-following-proper-means-246.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/dispose-unwanted-medicines-by-following-proper-means-246.shtml Editor Mon, 02 Nov 2020 03:46:07 -0500