101Dentist.com: Dental Guide 101Dentist.com: Dental Guide https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/ Copyright by 101Dentist.com en 101Dentist.com Thu, 21 Nov 2019 09:31:32 -0500 Do You Suffer From TMJ? Photo by Christopher Campbell from Unsplash Jaw pain is not an uncommon thing. Over 10 million Americans suffer from a condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction, more commonly known as TMJ disorders. Many people shorten TMJ disorders to just TMJ. So what exactly is TMJ? And is it treatable? Keep reading for more basic information about TMJ. What is it? The temporomandibular joint]]> Oral Health https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/do-you-suffer-from-tmj-196.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/do-you-suffer-from-tmj-196.shtml Editor Thu, 14 Nov 2019 01:06:09 -0500 8 Ways to Improve Your Kids Dental Health Oral Health https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/8-ways-to-improve-your-kids-dental-health-194.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/8-ways-to-improve-your-kids-dental-health-194.shtml Editor Tue, 12 Nov 2019 23:33:31 -0500 Common Questions About Gum Disease Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash Gum disease, gingivitis, or periodontitis, is a common disorder affecting millions of people. Here is what to look for and when to see a dentist or another specialist. What is gum disease? Gum disease is an infection. When the bacteria in plaque stays on your teeth, they can also infect the gums. Gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, occurs when the]]> Oral Health https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/common-questions-about-gum-disease-193.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/common-questions-about-gum-disease-193.shtml Editor Wed, 06 Nov 2019 22:59:50 -0500 How Teeth Whiteners Work Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Teeth whitening has increasingly become more and more talked about between dental services, do-it-yourself kits, and at-home remedies. With all the varying results amongst individuals, it’s important to understand how teeth whiteners work and what to expect with them. Types of Tooth Discoloration There are two types of tooth discolorations (or stains)]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-teeth-whiteners-work-192.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-teeth-whiteners-work-192.shtml Editor Tue, 05 Nov 2019 22:27:55 -0500 The Quick Guide To Dental Implants Dental implants make it possible for you to live on your terms. If you've ever struggled with temporary dental bridges, dentures, unattractive or damaged teeth, then a dental implant is just right for you. What are dental implants? Dental implants are a permanent teeth placement solution for damage, dead or missing teeth. Dental implants are attached to the jawbone. After this is done, a]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-quick-guide-to-dental-implants-191.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/the-quick-guide-to-dental-implants-191.shtml Editor Tue, 05 Nov 2019 22:05:38 -0500 When to Seek Emergency Dental Care A dental emergency refers to any severe damage, injury or trauma to your gums or teeth that require you to seek immediate medical attention. This may lead to fractured, dislodged, cracked or broken teeth. Or, lacerated, bleeding or infected gums. It’s crucial to understand what type of oral trauma or injuries need emergency dental care. This way, you’ll minimize the risk of]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/when-to-seek-emergency-dental-care-190.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/when-to-seek-emergency-dental-care-190.shtml Editor Sun, 03 Nov 2019 03:47:39 -0500 Proper Flossing For Perfect Teeth Anyone who wants to maintain good dental hygiene has to ensure there are no hidden particles between their teeth. Effective flossing helps you achieve this by removing deposited residue in those hard-to-reach areas. Below is a step-wise guide to flossing effectively. What is flossing? Food particles and dental plaque get trapped between areas of your teeth your toothbrush is unable to reach. ]]> Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/proper-flossing-for-perfect-teeth-189.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/proper-flossing-for-perfect-teeth-189.shtml Editor Wed, 30 Oct 2019 22:00:08 -0400 Dental Health for Kids - What You Should Know Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/dental-health-for-kids-what-you-should-know-188.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/dental-health-for-kids-what-you-should-know-188.shtml Editor Thu, 03 Oct 2019 04:28:45 -0400 Whitening Your Not-So-Pearly Whites Oral Health https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/whitening-your-not-so-pearly-whites-187.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/whitening-your-not-so-pearly-whites-187.shtml Editor Sun, 29 Sep 2019 21:21:43 -0400 How Often to Go For a Dental Exam Dental Care https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-often-to-go-for-a-dental-exam-186.shtml https://www.101dentist.com/dentist_articles/how-often-to-go-for-a-dental-exam-186.shtml Editor Sat, 28 Sep 2019 02:40:36 -0400