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5 Essential Products You Need in a Dental Practice

Each dental practice these days takes a unique approach to patient care. In fact there are several trends that are fast becoming a must-have for quality service. From medical imaging capabilities to adequate sterilisation and isolation techniques, let your dental practice reach new standards with these salient features.

1. Dental Chairs and an RVG Imaging System

Patient chairs are one of the most critical and integral parts of a Dental Clinic. They have to be well equipped with proper lighting facilities to ensure flawless treatments for routine as well as complex dental procedures and surgeries. Investing in a comfortable and impeccable patient chair will not only ensure optimal care for patients but will also make it easier for the dentist to work comfortably on his patients, even during complex procedures that require unique positioning.

Also, diagnostic accuracy is of paramount importance in dentistry. The dentist can solve a patient’s problem only after an accurate diagnosis. Radiovisiography, also known as RVG, is the most advanced and recent diagnostic technique that is being used in dentistry. A clear radiographic image helps the dentist make an accurate diagnosis followed by a precise treatment plan. Radiation exposure in RVG is the least as compared to other techniques used for capturing images.

2. Patient Education Materials

Patient education is one of the most vital parts of a dental practice. It plays a necessary role in achieving quality outcomes.

Patient education material consists of videos, models, charts, brochures and photos, that are used to illustrate a procedure or a relevant condition to a patient which in turn helps the patient make an informed decision about his/her treatment plan. This not only increases patient retention, but also offers case acceptance for the patients that makes them less likely to miss/skip appointments.

And while dentists have always provided chair-side advice as a part of their normal patient care routines, new technology has enabled them to take patient education a step forward. Many of these presentation tools even come equipped with built-in animations and programs to accelerate the learning process further.

Some of the primary features of patient education tools include:

  • The material shall be easy to understand.
  • It shall include high-quality visuals.
  • It shall match up with the dentist’s practice philosophy.

It is a dentist’s responsibility to educate his/her patients and to provide them with all the facts. Patients shall have an up-to-date knowledge about the diagnosis and the treatment plan. This results in building greater trust between the patient and the dentist.

3. Dental Materials

A dental clinic must be well equipped with basic dentistry products for an immaculate treatment experience. The Dental Materials include Impression Materials (eg. polyvinyl siloxane materials, condensation and addition silicone, dental alginates, polyethers etc.), Oral Hygiene Solutions, Plaque-control Products like Chlorofluor Gel etc.

Curasept mouthwash  boasts of creating safe and innovative oral solutions that help to improve chemical and mechanical oral hygiene performance. It offers a plethora of products ranging from anti- plaque and anti-inflammatory specific treatment solutions to rapid-relief and rapid-healing solutions and curasept mouthwashes etc.

4. Dental Tools of Trade

Equipping a dental office with the right tools and handpieces is about having the latest gadgets and the newest software. Dental tools are instruments that the dental professionals use to provide dental treatment, which includes examination, manipulation, treatment, restoration, and removal of teeth and the surrounding oral structures.

Dental tools consist of Examination instruments like dental mirror and probes, Retractors, Dental handpieces, Dental laser, Dental burs, Restorative instruments like excavators, Ball Burnishers, Pluggers, Periodontal instruments like scalers and curettes, Prosthodontics instruments, Extraction forceps and Surgical instruments like dental forceps, dental elevators and chisel, Orthodontic instruments and Endodontic instruments.

It is important to organise these small dental essentials in your dental space, as they are going to be needed in almost every visit that you as a dentist will have with your patients.

5. Sterilisation and Isolation Equipments


Sterilisation is important in dentistry because it is effective at preventing the spread of everything from the common to COVID-19 prevents the growth of bacteria on the dental instruments and a number of other surfaces throughout the practice. Autoclaving or using Whiteley Medizyme solution is an effective sterilisation technique that eradicates any pathogens sticking onto the surfaces of dental instruments, thereby rendering them sterile.

Diseases like COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for hours or even days. And touching an exposed surface might put patients at risk for contracting the disease. Therefore, sterilising the operating space is of immense importance to prevent bacteria and germs from gathering on surfaces. This includes proper sanitization of the dental chair, table and anything that the patient might have touched.


The need to work under dry conditions, free of saliva, has been recognized for centuries. Success of any dental procedure relies heavily on good isolation.

Dental rubber dam are most commonly used for isolation in dentistry. Rubber dam creates a barrier between the hard surface of the tooth and the soft tissues, lips and tongue, which ensures that the patient does not experience tissue damage from adhesives and chemicals. This also helps in keeping the oral area free of fluids or debris that might decrease the effectiveness of adhesives.

COVID-19 pandemic has made the concept of isolation more important than ever. As a part of reducing aerosols in dental practice, the use of rubber dams has become an integral part of even routine dental procedures to mitigate the risk of viral spread in techniques that use dental turbines.

Using rubber dams not only eradicates the risk of patient swallowing or choking on any dental tools or instruments that are being used by the dentist, but also greatly increases the visibility of the work area for the dentist, leading to increased efficiency of the treatment.


All in all, to run a successful dental practice, you need to make sure that you have the right dental products. From ergonomic patient chairs to effective isolation and sterilisation techniques and more, it is essential that you take out time to plan everything nicely and adequately.

Special note of gratitude to Mayfair Dental Supplies.

Mayfair Dental Supplies is a dental supplier based in Australia, that supplies dental products in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Queensland.

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