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Why Choose a Family Dentist In Lakewood, Colorado

You may have heard of general dentists, cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, or geriatric dentists in Lakewood Colorado. However, the family dentist does it all. Here are a few reasons a family dentist may be who you’d like to see.

Family Dentists Simplify Dental Health

Think of a family dentist as a one stop shop for the dental needs of the whole family. From a small child to an older adult, a family dentist can do it all. It is also the only place you’ll need to schedule appointments. Got a few kiddos? Family dentists are great at scheduling back to back appointments so you’re only making one trip instead of four. Having a go-to dentist like that helps to simplify the family calendar, avoid missed appointments, and ensure that everyone’s dental health is being taken care of in an orderly fashion.

Not only is a family dentist great for simplifying appointments, they can offer services for a variety of needs. Your little ones may only need a routine teeth cleaning while older members of the family are interested in something more cosmetic such as dental veneers, invisalign, or dental implants. No matter the need, with a professional family dentist in Lakewood Colorado, you know where to go.

Family dentists can also simplify records. When you are not just looking out for yourself it can be hard to keep straight where everyone’s important information is. Especially when it comes to medical and dental records. A family dentist solves that problem and you can be assured all the information is in the same place. It is just a familiar phone number away.

Family Dentistry Quells Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is not uncommon. Especially among young children. It can make vital, regular appointments at the dentist difficult to keep, and creates opportunity loss for important oral health habits down the road.

Family dentistry provides the solution. Some things are best overcome together, and family trips to the dentist is one way to help a child (or even adult) feel supported as they do something that to them may be difficult. Children are able to see the examples of their siblings and parents and from that form better feelings about dental visits. By going to a family dentist for care in Lakewood, CO, your family is also building important oral health practices.

When you choose a family dentist, you are also opening a door to get to know a dentist and their staff. This reduces dental anxiety as well. It is difficult to be afraid of someone you know and trust. Additionally, the whole family gets a familiar experience each time they go. Familiarity also works to quell fear of dental anxiety. So even when the dental procedure may be more than a routine cleaning, the familiar environment will do wonders to soothe elevated emotions.

Emergency Dental Services

Nobody ever hopes to need an emergency dentist. However, if you have a family dentist when those situations arise, you can know exactly where to go. No need to worry about Googling the nearest dentist or checking open hours. When you know your dentist, you know exactly what to expect and can get the care you need. This assured feeling is all across the board helpful. Whether it is an actual dental emergency or if it is a cosmetic procedure you’re wanting to have done. You never need to worry about who to call.

Most emergency dentists in Lakewood, Colorado are experienced in servicing cracked or chipped teeth, lost crowns, and severe dental pain. These are conditions that can not wait for treatment. Minimize the delay in getting to a dentist and choose a family dentist to be your go-to.

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