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Emergency Situations Where You Need To See a Dentist Immediately

Pearly white teeth are a point of envy for some of us. We all try to reach and maintain this level of gum and tooth health. Sometimes though, circumstances regarding teeth leave one in an emergency. These days it’s easy to look up tips on tackling any emergency online, but situations associated with dental emergencies need to include dentists.

Here are emergency situations where you need to see a dentist immediately.

  1. Knocked Out Adult Tooth

Perhaps you are into contact sport such as rugby or kickboxing. The risks associated with the contact sports are physical, and these include dental risks. You may find yourself with a knocked-out tooth and there is no way that you can just shrug this one off. Be sure to keep the tooth moist because you still need it to be in good condition to be fixed in your mouth. Place the tooth back in the socket if you can but don’t temper with the root. If the tooth has been completely knocked out of position, you can place it in milk while you make your way to Emergency Dental Pros.

  1. Chipped Tooth

Perhaps you were enjoying your sugarcane in the shade during a hot day. Or you were playing with your toddler when all of a sudden, your sweet angel’s foot landed on your mouth and you chipped your tooth. These are some scenarios that come with life! In that case, you must immediately rinse your mouth with warm water. If you experience any swelling you should apply warm compresses on the area. Having aborted you sugar-cane munch or the piggy ride with your toddler, you need to head on to the dentist to get your confident smile back.

  1. Toothaches

It’s tempting to convince yourself that taking painkillers and sleeping off a toothache works, particularly if the pain isn’t yet excruciating. Others have been advised to place a painkiller on the tooth that is aching for a soothing effect. This only temporarily alleviates the discomfort that you feel and does not tackle the root problem of the tooth. Once you experience a constant toothache problem, or a sharp instant tooth pain, you need to head to the dentist. Prolonging the visit invites intertwined toothache pains such as headaches and jaw aches.

  1. Bleeding gums

In school, we learnt that bleeding gums is a sign of scurvy, usually experienced by sailors who don’t have a good supply of vitamin C out there at sea. So, you may decide to handle this yourself by taking more Vitamin C in your diet and that’s why your gums are bleeding. Bleeding gums if consistent and severe, however, is a case that needs to be handled by the dentist. There are several dental conditions that you may not be aware of that are indicated through the bleeding of the gums. 

  1. Swollen Gums

Your gums can swell up without showing signs of bleeding. Swollen gums feel heavy in the mouth, sore at the touch and tender. If you notice this you must immediately visit the dentist. It can be a minor case where you may have chewed too hard on food, but it may be a more severe case. Visiting the dentist, in this case, will save you worse dental problems in the future.

  1. Rotten Teeth

Usually, a tooth or teeth that are rotting are noticeable. Perhaps the moment you realized it, you shrugged it off considering it as a piece of food stuck between your teeth or even discoloration. The possible solutions you may apply include flossing, using mouth wash and brushing your teeth more often. Deep down, however, you’re aware you’re going through a process of a rotting tooth. The phobia of dentists is a very real one, which is why it’s common for people to make excuses to avoid the embarrassment of their condition. However, avoiding the dentist in such scenarios will just prolong the issue, resulting in bad breath, and even losing your teeth.


The dentist’s office is not exactly everyone’s favorite place to visit. There’s a real fear of dentists as people perceive the treatment involves intolerable pain. Though it’s tempting to put off a visit, you may just be inviting worse problems if you only rely on home remedies. If you experience a chipped tooth, knocked out tooth, rotting tooth, and bleeding or swollen gums, makes your trip to the dentist. The dentists will handle your problem carefully. If you’re going to do any dental online research, be sure to visit reliable sites that won’t mislead you with biased opinions because dental matters are serious.

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