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Does Your Dentist Use Advanced Dental Technology?

Simon Wenley

New advanced dental technology can make the dental experience much more pleasant for both patient and the dentist.

Why should dentists and their patients embrace modern technologies?

•The dentist can provide a better service.
•Make procedures easier for both the dental patient and the dentist.
•Provide patients with a comfortable experience.
•Enable dentists to have a mercury-free office.

Some of the new technologies are:

Intra-oral camera:

The advantage to the patient - An instant picture of your tooth or teeth, can show a problem and thus help find a solution.

The advantage to the dentist - An enlarged picture can help with a diagnosis of a problem and discuss treatment options.

Air Abrasion:

Advantage to patient - Pain free, micro dentistry. Very kind to teeth. No micro fractures that can result from the drill. Reduces the need for mercury amalgam fillings; white composite fillings can be used instead.

Advantage to dentist - By providing pain-free micro dentistry the patient can be less nervous and therefore more interested in their own dental health status.

A laser light for finding early decay:

Advantage to patient - Finding an early cavity that cannot be seen with X-ray or mirror. Probe allows early pain-free treatment before a cavity gets too big and compromises the long-term health and strength of the tooth.

Advantage to dentist - Preserving the long-term health of the tooth by being able to provide minimally invasive pain-tree dentistry.

Water Laser (very Hi tech):

Advantage to patient - Another means to do drill free dentistry. Most often no injections needed. Can also do soft tissue surgery with little or no bleeding. Many procedures that previously may have required two appointments can be done in one. Many procedures that would have previously been referred out to a specialist can be completed with a laser in more comfort and less expense. Again, reduces the need for mercury amalgam fillings, white composite fillings can be used instead.

Advantage to dentist - Most often no injection needed. Many procedures that previously required two appointments can be done in one or less with reduced referrals to specialists.


Advantage to patient - Provides the best filling material available in dentistry today. Crowns inlay and entire process in one appointment with no mucky impressions and temporary crown, instead of the usual two appointments.

Advantage to Dentist - Provide a faster, better and more efficient service.

Caries Management By Risk Assessment:

A new science advantage to patients. Treating the disease at the source and not the symptoms of the disease. The dentist is able to test bacteria levels in the mouth and treat accordingly. This may result in less tooth decay in the future as high bacteria levels are lowered.

Advanced dental technology has so many benefits to both dentist and patient - you may start looking forward to your next dental visit! The integrity of your oral health can be preserved, by having regular six monthly or twelve monthly check-ups.

About the Author:

Simon Wenley is a dentist in Auckland, New Zealand. He strives to educate people to make regular visits to his office to reduce the cost of dental care and to avoid pain. His office is mercury-free and mercury-safe. Simon recommends that you find a dentist who uses intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays so that you can become involved with your oral health. For more articles and videos visit http://www.dentalman.co.nz

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